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Elevating the Wine Delivery Experience

About Us


San Francisco native Matt Walrath is the Founder and CEO of VinDelivery. Growing up in wine country, he knew very little about wine, (a surprise to many, especially considering his parents spent 21 combined years living in monasteries...but that’s another story). He started in the wine industry in 2008 and was tasked with growing a small wine club, during a recession we were only starting to realize.    

Matt created one of the first concierge programs for a winery in the Napa Valley through partnerships with hotels, limo companies and restaurant hosts, to ensure members had the best experience when visiting wine country. This program gave the winery a unique, competitive advantage and one that would soon be adopted by many wineries across California.    

Grateful to have worked for two small family wineries in Yountville, Matt eventually grew to VP Of Sales before branching out on his own to start his own wine club management company. As his company grew, they designed and managed wine clubs for one of the largest athletic club companies in CA as well as a national chain of wine bars, and an exclusive private golf club in Marin County.    

Matt has always been driven by the relationships he built with clients that shared in his passion for innovation and new ideas in an ever-changing landscape. For many of these top Bay Area clients, Matt would personally deliver their wine to their home or cellar, instead of shipping through the traditional carriers. Clients always greeted him with a smile as he pulled up and he began thinking he was on to something. They lamented that the largest pain point in their wine purchase experience was waiting for an unpredictable delivery or struggling to carry boxes of wine home from their office or alternative delivery location.   

Enter VinDelivery – Wine Delivery Designed for the Client

The First Direct to Consumer, Wine Delivery Company designed with the client's needs in mind. We pick up wine purchases from winery or retailer, always transporting in refrigerated truck and deliver to your home at a scheduled and convenient time.    

As Jeff Bezos said – “Start with what the customer needs and work backwards”.       

I have always been driven to create something new that will make my clients and partners happy. At VinDelivery, we are reinventing the wine delivery experience.

Matt Walrath  

Q & A Downloads

VinDelivery Q & A for the Consumer Client (pdf)


VinDelivery Q & A for Winery or Retailer (pdf)